This year’s Halloween special on DysfactionTV is a producer contest, that will challenge your sampling skills! You’ll get a pack of 40 high quality samples, created by the Jury.

Your task is simple: Create an unique Techno track. But here is the challenge: ONLY use the samples from the pack!

Sounds good? Then what are you waiting for? Read the rules, check out the amazing prizes, download the sample pack and fire up your DAW!


Ingo F. aka Das Ton
Ingo F. aka Das Ton
Techno Producer
Das Ton
@Cedric Flux
Labelowner of
Solid Capsule Records
Metabolism Recordings
RNDMZR Records &
Mix & Mastering Engineer
Jan Ritter
Jan Ritter aka Dysfaction
Twitch Streamer @DysfactionTV, Techno Producer @Dysfaction,
Mix & Mastering Engineer,
Music Production Teacher.
Releases on Second State, KD RAW, BLK DRP, Jeton Records, Solid Capsule Records and many more.
Albert Gruber aka Albird
Artist, producer, entrepreneur, creative mind @Albird
Releases on labels like Plus 8 (with Richie Hawtin),

Patent Skillz and many more.
Co-Founder @seeqnc
Joint Partner @Riverside Studios, Berlin
Guest Lecturer
@SAE Berlin & Germany for Music Business.
Former Label Owner & Manager + A&R.
Happy Daddy 🐥
Patrick Lindsey
Music Producer
Twitch Streamer @PatrickLindsey
founder of the label Kanzleramt
Releases on labels like Harthouse, Terminal M & Frisbee.



  1. Only use the provided Samples from the Sample pack. The sample pack provides you with 40 high quality WAV files with a variety of timbres and textures that should provide you with everything you need.
  2. No additional samples are allowed to be used. Keep in mind that this contest is about the creative use and manipulation of samples.
  3. No Synthesizer (Plugin or Hardware) are allowed (including wavetable synthesizers.)
  4. All Samplers (including granular samplers) and Effects (Plugin or Hardware) are allowed as long as they don’t use additional external samples that aren’t in the sample pack or standalone synth engines.
  5. Ableton Live Sampler is allowed (including the OSC section for FM/AM). The OSC Section can’t generate sounds on its own so it is safe to use in combination with the Samples from the pack.
  6. You are free to manipulate the samples through all known methods (f.e. resampling, reversing, stretching, pitching, layering, etc.)
  7. Impulse Response Reverbs are allowed but only if you use the provided samples from the sample pack as IRs.
  8. You may submit a total number of ONE TRACK  per contestant. If you are a producer Duo you count as one entity hence the rule apply as well.
  9. Your Track has to be submitted LATEST: 01.11.2023 8 PM CET (Berlin Winter Time) through the Halloween Producer Contest submission form. (The Link to the Submission Form will be announced on Discord)You can check out the date/time adjusted to your local timezone here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com
  10. Submissions which have been submitted after the 01.11.2023 8 PM CET are automatically disqualified.
  11. The winner will be determined by a Jury and an additional community voting on the Halloween Special Stream 02.11.2023 starting 7 PM CET until c. 11 PM CET
  12. The Jury is not allowed to participate in the contest and isn’t allowed to help the contestants.
  13. The length of the submitted track has to be minimum 2 minutes 30 seconds and maximum 6 minutes 30 seconds.
  14. If the total submission count exceeds 20 submissions DysfactionTV will pre-select the best 20. Everything that is not being selected will be feedbacked in a special Twitch Stream on 09.11.2023.
  15. If there are reasonable doubts about the adherence to the rules mentioned here in a submission, DysfactionTV reserves the right to examine the DAW session of the contest participant.
  16. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in disqualification.
  17. By participating in this contest you accept the aforementioned rules.


01.11.2023 8 PM CET


02.11.2023 7 PM CET

The contestants tracks will be judged by the jury and a community voting live on stream.
Note: the deadline for submitting your tracks is one day prior to the grand show! (See deadline above).

Sample Pack

Whats inside?
4 x Kickdrums
2 x Rides
1 x Hihat
2 x Toms
1 x Sub Bass
5 x Weapon FX
5 x Creature FX
5 x VOX FX
5 x Weather FX
5 x Whoosh & Stinger FX


Can I use the samples for other productions?
Yes you can keep and reuse the samples in any of your productions.
They are royalty free so do as you please!
The only restriction is: You are not allowed to sell the samples.

WOW! I can’t believe this contest is for free! Are there any catches?
Nope! This contest is 100% community driven and there are no hidden costs or anything. I created the contest to challenge yourself & limiting yourself to the samples from the pack and create something unique with it.

I’m done with my track! Where can I submit it?
There will be a link to the submission form here shortly.

What to do next?